CyberGamp’s Support for Ukraine


The whole world is deeply concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. Cybergamp is also not staying indifferent.

The Ukrainian community in Vigo took steps towards inclusion in the city after fleeing the war in their country. For this reason, we are proud to admit that we have become involved in the Girasol project, whose main objective is the support Ukrainian people in the Galician region of Spain. 

The number of Ukrainians in Vigo and the province continues to rise while the war with Russia continues. According to data from the Government Delegation, there were already more than 700 asylum-seeking refugees just in Vigo and the province.

The members of the Girasol association are facing everyday difficulties, starting from all of the bureaucratic issues they must carry out, lack of language assistance, and even simple public transportation problems. Girasol members emphasize that they aim to contribute as much as possible by integrating into Galician society and consolidating themselves as a community here. 

As Cybergamp we truly believe that this amazing initiative will turn the Galicia region into a new home for all Ukrainians refugees. Cybergamp is actively contributing to support for the Girasol Association in terms of providing technical support.

But war happens not only in the field. As we are living in the digital world, war can have another dimension and touch in a virtual way. Due to that, Cybergamp would like to announce to offer help for free to anyone, who suffers from war-related cybercrime. 

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