The 5 Alternate Open-Source Video Conferencing Softwares

Business executives doing a video conference in the conference room

With the coronavirus break, we all become computer nerds.. Right!

If you are a person who wants to spend your conference time without worrying
about time…

If you are a person who wants to make safer conferences..


If you are a person who just wants to get bored of the ZOOM conferences.

This is for you!

We are together in this, so here some super useful softwares for you to get forget
ZOOM meetings.

These tools are free and provide screen sharing, host controls, live-streaming, and
mobile access service. Here are five open-source video conferencing tools you can
prefer for your next video call.

Nextcloud Talk

The Nextcloud project gives you to own private cloud space with plenty of tools
primed toward collaboration.

It is a free open-source video conferencing software that provides you to do
the opportunity for online meetings, web conferencing, and screen sharing. There is no
exposure of metadata, and also the video calls are encrypted.

You can have access for video verification call service. You also can have Nextcloud
Whiteboard to give presentations, brainstorm ideas, take notes, upload images, and
so on. The whole files are so easy to share with the others. After deploying
Nextcloud on a server, opening a hosted account, it is easy to add users who can log
in and use the Nextcloud interface as a shared workspace. it is likely to be the
primary virtual office space for your team.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi is a collection of open-source projects that offers you a secure platform to run
video conferencing. It is a free video collaboration tool that helps you to hold video
conferences using handy and the most secure technology.

Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Video have a bridge with two significant technologies that make
it possible to host video conferences over the internet. Jitsi carries a proactive
community, which advances with incredible products, and continuous pushing to
improve the quality of video conferencing services. By using Jitsi Meet, you can
ensure invitees with the link to access meetings on the website. It supports making
group videos, live chat, screen sharing, streaming, and more.

The software does not require any installation, browser adding, or registration,
so it is a more private and secure service. You can have the best quality on Google Chrome
and has excellent audio and video quality without any lag. Also, Jitsi Meet combines
with Google Calendar, Microsoft, and Slack, so you are able to schedule meetings just
like you would with any video conferencing platform.

Apache OpenMeetings

Apache is also another open-source video conferencing software that contains four
options of video/audio function such as Audio+Video, video only, audio-only, and
picture only. While video conferencing, you can swap the video/audio quality and
choose multiple camera resolutions.

You are able to send messages to users about scheduled meetings, and invitees can get
emails right to their inboxes with Apache OpenMeetings. The other features covers
multi-whiteboard, user and room management, plan meetings with integrated
calendar, run polls and surveys, private message center, and back up user-generated
data in a single zip file.

You are able to record your video conferencing sessions and download them as
AVI/FLV files, and watch them in the integrated drag and drop file explorer. It protects
the quality of the videos.


Jami is free video-conferencing software that helps you to get on a conference call in
less than a minute and start participating in it. You can have all the audio calls,
screen share, send files, and group chat on one platform.
Jami has its own video communication tool that is totally decentralized, so there are
no servers to store conversations or user data. It holds end-to-end encryption
service, distributed infrastructure, X.509-compliant user authentication, so you can
use it offline.

Jami has no limitation on features, storage, bandwidth, number of accounts, or users.
It is completely ad-free, stable, fast, and runs on Linux, Android, Windows, macOS,
and iOS.


And… Let’s meet with our last open-source web conferencing software is
BigBlueButton built for teachers that provide them to create a cohesive online
classroom experience. It combines with learning management systems like Moodle
and Canvas.

Not only it provide a remote learning solution, but it also offers video conferencing.
Asap you log in, you are able to share your screen in real-time and unite by using
various tools like whiteboards, files, and shared notes. It has a clean, professional
interface with secured end-to-end encryption to provide participants’ security and
privacy. To meet with BigBlueButton, you don’t have to download it.

So, if you didn’t use any of them before, it is time to try them on! Also, if you want
more information about how to use Video Conferencing software in your corporate
environment, reach us out (

I hope you enjoy it, Stay tuned!

Author: Yeşim Zengin

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