The importance of the Zero Trust model


Digitalization came to the world without asking our permission
With Cyber Life, we need Cyber Defense as well.
What is the best way to create appropriate defensive protocols with the domestic
What does this “Zero Trust” means and why governments like it?

Zero Trust is used frequently by security professionals. The number of organizations
using Zero Trust initiatives has increased from 16% three years ago to 60% today.


What is Zero Trust?
Zero Trust security is typically implemented and used at the network level. It is
necessary to prevent a hacker from using a compromised account to move laterally
within the environment or spread malware. It is used for implementation by breaking
down the network into smaller segments and authenticating users by checking their
identity and access privileges before they enter each one.

Identity-based Zero-Trust security, which focuses security on the identity layer rather
than network layer. This cybernetical architectural structure applies for
authentication of the identity of the user, rather than the user’s connection.
Since network-based Zero Trust is built on the purpose of keeping attackers from
entering different network segments, if attackers manage to bypass or enter the
particular segment’s security controls/configurations, they are free to move and
access any resource within the network.

Why do we need such high-security standards?
Human beings don’t have specific protocols or standards on the Internet. People on
the Internet are interconnected. It only works via private databases. People only can
interact to the extent that one party, who is the owner of that database, allows them
to do so.

Where is my information stored?
Facebook is a big social graph of people’s identities. It is created and kept inside a
private database. Twitter is a big information graph of people’s interests. It was also
created and kept inside in another private database.
The same applies to Snap and Pinterest and Tik Tok and LinkedIn and everywhere
else that people’s identities are profiled. To the extent that interaction with others,
and particularly individual entities’ control over those interactions.
The simplest answer is that the people who created the Internet didn’t realize that it
would be used for unnatural social and information gathering activities.

What to do?
Practise the NIST standards and learn to use Zero Trust in daily life. If you want to
learn how NIST standards work, click here ( If you want
professionals who are the expert on implementing NIST standards on your digital
system, you are also one click away from it (

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