Zero Trust in the Cloud

The pandemic has had a great impact on daily life and the development of work. After the urgency to allow remote access for employees, expanding network capacity and VPN gateways, many companies have gone to the “review and adaptation” phase, thinking about the long term, since in many cases it has meant an increase in […]

IT products are in high demand in Spain 2021-2022

The consumer market for IT in Spain is mainly SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). According to the data of the SoftDoid statistical analysis organization in Spain, 647 257 companies have completed their information and programming process and analysed information about which IT products are in high demand. In 2021, 86.4% of organisations that implemented business […]

Uber had a Major Cyber Security Breach

Uber is investigating their recent “cybersecurity incident” after the rumours of its internal databases has got breached. The alleged hacker, who claims to be an 18-year-old, says they acquired administrator access to company tools including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The New York Times reports that the ride-hailing business has taken multiple internal […]