How do ethical hackers work?

Get to know the most interesting insights from the study conducted in group of professionals from cybersecurity industry.

Uber had a Major Cyber Security Breach

Uber is investigating their recent “cybersecurity incident” after the rumours of its internal databases has got breached. The alleged hacker, who claims to be an 18-year-old, says they acquired administrator access to company tools including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The New York Times reports that the ride-hailing business has taken multiple internal […]

Password Managers

What is Password Manager Software In the early years of the Internet, you may have had a handful of passwords for a few essential web applications that we used to shop, study, stay connected, and get work done. Today, things are much more complicated. Everything requires implementing passwords, different passwords. And it is really becoming […]

What is the Password Strength

Password strength is characterized by the time it will take for an attacker to guess it in one way or another. A password that takes seconds, minutes, or hours to crack is unstable. A password that takes months or years to crack is strong. How to improve password strength There are several standard recommendations for […]

The importance of using AI in Cyber Security

The alerts received by the average business are 10,000 per day. Most of them are related to the malware and other threats. Cybersecurity staff often find themselves flooded with data they must sort through to maintain their cyber security infrastructure intact. The stakes are high. Cyberattacks are increasing and affect thousands of organizations eventually impacting […]

Budget Android devices may be a reason for the new backdoors on your WhatsApp

The affected devices are claimed to have a modern and secure Android OS version installed on them. But, in reality, they are based on an obsolete version which has multiple vulnerabilities in it. Doctor Web has discovered backdoors in the system partition of budget Android device models that are counterfeit versions of famous brand-name models. […]

What is cyber security KPI?

In cybersecurity, KPIs are effective in measuring the success of your security management program and aid in decision-making.