Why VPN is important for your business?


Security first. It is a common fact for all cybersecurity professionals, but what kind of solution should be used even by entrepreneurs, but non-tech guys?

Definitely one of the answers should be VPN.

VPN can be known as the best tool to have access to the best ones foreign movies on Netflix, as paid subscription streaming platforms use “geo-blocking” technology, which may restrict the access to certain content, probably your favourite TV show.  

VPN solution bypasses this issue and allows watching anything you want to watch in any place.

What is more, VPN can also ease buffering problems. As streaming services are more and more popular, it’s not uncommon for bandwidth to be overloaded and cause buffering issues. A VPN can help bypass this problem, ensuring a smoother watching experience.

But the list of VPN advantages is far longer than the points mentioned above. What is more, it may be crucial from a business perspective to implement this solution in order to improve your security network.

What is VPN?

VPNs are virtual private networks that encrypt your data and hide your online activity from nosy third parties.

Turning on a VPN creates an encrypted connection between the device and a remote server operated by the VPN service. All Internet traffic is funnelled through this specific tunnel directly to the server, which then sends it out to the public Internet in the usual way. Also, data that returns to your device have precisely the same path: from the Internet to the VPN server and back to your device. All of these happen through an encrypted connection. 

For a long time, corporate businesses have used VPN technology in order to enable employees access to digital resources from any place where they are.

Why is it important to use VPN in your business?

Use VPN in your Business

Here are some of the most basic VPN uses examples for a business environment:

  • VPN for employees working remotely from home or any other place around the world.
    Using a VPN allows everyone working remotely to log onto a shared corporate network securely while protecting data in projects and files. As returning to the office is a nightmare for most workers and pro-employee companies’ policies will still allow for that in the following years, VPN implementation may be crucial to meet the security requirements with remote work.
  • Keep your shared network secure. The use of a VPN on a shared network will also help ensure the safety of your business communications. Your business will be also less vulnerable to any risk of cyber attacks.
  • Access control. VPNs solution also allows for more advanced access control options. Users will need to log in and forward the verification process, which will prove that they have appropriate permissions before they can gain access. Due to that, any confidential information won’t be available to all the employees.
  • Connect to your business cloud in a secure way on any device. Securely connect to your company cloud no matter what device you use. All your employees can log in from anywhere without any risk of a security breach as a VPN is a tool which allows for encryption and is hosted remotely.
  • Financial transactions protection. The importance of knowing that every transaction is protected is critical. A VPN makes your outgoing traffic anonymous and also encrypts your connection, making sure that your business transactions and transfers are not tracked in an unauthorized way. VPN may be a useful tool for helping you to access your financial data safely. 
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi in a secure way. Most of us connect to free airport Wi-Fi during a layover or delay, but by doing so, you leave yourself wide open to potential hacking. Using a VPN will help secure your data during checking your email box or account balance. 
  • Keep access to your account. Banks are very vigilant about fraud, and logging into your account from a foreign country can be considered a red flag. Using a VPN that shows you’re still at your permanent address will help you avoid a possible account freeze due to suspicious activity.
  • Work around geographic blockades. As all business people are travelling, they may be across the places that block or censor parts of the internet. This can potentially be a major inconvenience, especially if the access to work-related websites will be limited. Using a VPN at the home location will help bypass any content which may be blocked.

Be aware, that VPN may lower your internet speed and for business purposes may require a more complex configuration. Nevertheless, It is crucial to choose an appropriate and trustworthy VPN tool, especially If you are looking for solutions dedicated to your company.

In case of any questions about VPN implementation in your company network, do not hesitate to contact us.

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